Thursday, June 3, 2010


The history of Satavahana dynasty start from Karimanagar,Adilabad region.

Before them the MahatalavarasRuled this region, we come across coins of

Mahatalavara and other pre –Satavahana rulers, But lack of

Script on coins make us puzzled about their history. But their

style of design on coins gives us their Independent style of coin minting than

north India, gives us clue about their existence before satavahana

dynasty. Recent discovery of fort at near water falls in Ichoda mandal

gives us proof about that.The cobbled

pathwayfortifications show us the importance of this fort ,at we may

assume it was the capital of satavahana dynasty The pottery with

several circles gives us it is of new type as similar seals are excavated in Egypt

also, which show us the satavahana maritime trade. Early period of satavahana

trade flourished with Egypt

sumeria,hittitites,which made south India the hub of trade,we exported spices

and got in exchange gold. Diamond mines were famous in whole world,

Queens were given important place in satavahana dynasty

Queen Naganika,wife of satakarni was perhaps the first queen found on

incriptions.,Even Nanaghat,Nasik incriptions give details of satavahana

rulers.Satavahana kings were first to issue the silver coins with portrait of king face.

They equally gave donations to Buddhist,Jain,Brahmains.

Conducted Ashwamedha yagnamto show their strength. They ruled whole of


upto Gujarat,Vidisha in north and still further. South Indian history was

given little importance sofar, specially satavahana period for lack of

encouragement and was neglected. We were first to trade with outside world,

build ocean going ships and mint it on coins.

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