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Europian Rulers COINS

Bengal Presidency
EK 21
East India Company 1 rupee plain edge of Farukabad mint with orginal luster very rare to get this condition R Y 41
EK 22
Jaifalmak 1 rupee coin of 1 rupee 1153 A.H. with 22 regnal year in the name of queen Victoria Y4 rupee. The weight of the coin is 1.70-11.6 grams this coin is a bit difference in the back side regnal year 22 with nuon having 5 dots and something like a fan along with upper line completely different with many square dots 1756-1860 A.D.?
Ek 23
French India coin with English P in silver 1/5th of the rupee called as fanam in good condition with three dots at the beginning line ofP on the back the coin isof center with blank space on both sides may be an error of minting we rarely see such clear an shifted coin with nice letters almost mint.These coin were minted at Karikal south of Pondicherry of South East Coast. It was proceded to france in 1739. Some coins were minted at POndicherry in the later period. This coin is very rare and in AU condition was rare seen in the market.
EK 24
Indore the coin of quarter anna from INDORE was an error. We rarely come across this type of error. One side of coin is minted with orginal die on the back we see the mirror image of the orginal coin that means negative divorce use for printing this coin may be to test the coin a patttern or what else we don't know. one side of the coin was impressed on the coin which makes the die for making orginal coins. Hence this is the one of the rarest of all coins.
EK 25
Small copper coin of 1/4 dam with the mint of farkunda duniya.
EK 26
Firuzhah Tuglak 752- 790 A.H. Firuzshah forced to ascend thrown when Mohammad III died in Sindh. He was famous for agricultural schemes the traces of canals he dug was still usable. Firuzabad, Fathabad, Hissar, Firuzpur, And Jaunpur were the towns founded by him. Firuz, for the welfare of his subjects, introduced Marriage and Employment Bureaus. The reign of Firuz closes the most brilliant epoch of Muslim rule in India before the reign of Akbar.
Babar the founder of Mogul dynasty. The coins are very rare and we never see the copper coin of Badbar which is very rare than silver coin. One silver coin is visited shortly. Babar came from Timur. His full name is Zahirudin Mohammad Babur. He first captured Kabul in 1504 samar khan in 1511 and 1511 and fought a big battle at panipar in April 1526 defeating Ibrahim Loading Babar died in 1530 A.D.
EK 28
Sherqi rulers of Janpur Mohammad Shah he ruled only for one year in 862 A.H. in the coins of his tenure was very rare. 1 coin is of half tanka was catalogue and we have a rare big copper tanka which is uncatalogue and very rare. The earlier name of Mohammad shah is Bhikan he became violent and blood thirsty and was killed by his brother Husen at Kanaug. The big coin is Amirlauni type issued in the name of Kalifa with his title Kaladata on one side.
EK 29
Aadivaraha a silver coin issued by Bhuma tuns you can clearly see the neck hands, legs and other parts clearly on one side of the coin and a rectangular slabe with buddhist. Incence table and few dots were clearly seen in a rectangular base. We rarely come across such a coin in such a beautiful condition and this is very rare.
The coin of Indore with potrait of the king Maharaja Eshwants Rao Kolkar H with his medals and ribbons all clearly seen on the coin. The denomination of the coin is Pavana with 1992 year Vikram Sambhat.
Tibet copper coin is of 2.5, skr of SHO- SHRANG issue similar to KONG park tanka issues. The coin has lion looking upwards with mekyal mint and the value of the coin is SHO.
East India Co., coin with Bengal Presidency year 1833 one quater anna with moguls scaks very rare.
Bansvara Coin one paisa coin of copper. The location of Bansvara is north west India there were related with Maharawalas sisuodiya and Dongapur Raj puts. They were against the Marata rulers. They made a treaty with British in 1818. The coin belongs to one of this rulers Lakshman singh 1862- 1905 Shambu singh 1905-1920.

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