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alexander time Youdheha coin die photo,CHANAKYA,

Youdeya Coin. It is quite interesting to see Lord Arumugam one with six faces, Lord Muruga associated with Buddhism
Yodheya (alias Yaudheya, Yauddheya) was a kingdom that lied close to the kingdom of the Pandavas. They have taken part in the Kurukshetra War, siding with the Kauravas. Pandava king Yudhisthira had a son named Yaudheya. It is not clear if he belonged to the Yaudheya tribe. There is some speculation that the Yaudheyas were linked to the Yadava chief Yuyudhana, otherwise known as Satyaki and thus were a Yadava tribe, whereas other evidences link them to Rajputs
Yudhisthira's son Yaudheya
This is the only reference linking Yaudheyas to the Pandavas. Yudhishthira, having obtained for his wife Devika, the daughter of Govasana of the Saivya tribe, in a self-choice ceremony, begat upon her a son named Yaudheya (1:95). The verse in Mahabharata is same as in Matsya Purana but their it refers to Yaudheya, son of Prativindhya, son of Yudhisthara. Other son of Yudhisthara is called Devaka, his grandson is called Yaudheya. Nalanda Shabda kosha indicates Yaudheya as descendents of Yudhisthara. The Yaudheya kingdom coins claim descent from Dharmaraja, name for Yudhisthara. As per Altekar & Muzumdar, Yaudheyas lead the nationa;l revolt against the Kushana rulers, allied with Malavas and Arjunayanas as a federation of three with coins celebrating this fact linking it to their ancestors, the brothers Dharma, Bhima and Arjuna. The legend of overthrow of Kansa and his downfall by Krishna is a legend based in Mathura where they still celebrate the downfall and destruction of Tochari Raja 's fort. The legend of later destruction of foreign foes by allied tribes of Yaudheyas, Malavas and Arjunayanas may be basis for the Pandava legends. As for Yaudheya 's mother, In Adiparva, Yudhisthara is mentioned having a second wife, in Bheeshma Parva, he's mentioned with atleast two more wives but in the mentions in Streeparva and later parvas, she doesn't show up though other wives of the brothers do.
In Kurukshtera War
Yaudheyas were mentioned as allied with the Kauravas in the Kurukshetra War. It's not clear if there were another Yaudheya tribe allied to the Pandavas. Arjuna of white steeds despatched, the Yaudheyas, the Parvatas, the Madrakas, and the Malavas also, to the regions of the dead (7:158). With his shafts, Yudhishthira began to slay the Amvashthas, the Malavas, the brave Trigartas and the Sivis. And cutting off the Abhishahas, the Surasenas, the Valhikas, and the Vasatis, he caused the earth to be miry with flesh and blood. And he also despatched within a trice, by means of many shafts, to region of the dead, the Yaudheyas, the Malavas, and large numbers,of the Madrakas (7:154). The Kekeyas, the Malavas, the Madrakas the Dravidas of fierce prowess, the Yaudheyas, the Lalittyas, the Kshudrakas, the Usinaras, the Tundikeras, the Savitriputras, the Easterners, the Northerners, the Westerners, and the Southerners, have all been slain by Arjuna

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