Sunday, November 8, 2009

BARAUNDHA Princely State cover mint

Founded before 1549. Baraundha (or Pathar Kachhar) was a petty sanad state of about 218 square miles. Formerly it was much larger, comprising most of the present Banda district of U.P., the family having held the country for at least 400 years. The name Pathar Kachhar was derived from its position on the skirts of the Vindhayas. The ruling family claimed to be an old one and to belong to the Raghuvansi clan of the solar division of Rajputs. The original seat of the family was in Rasin in Banda district, originally called Raja Vasini, Where there are many old remains. The early history is, however, very obscure, During Bundela supremacy, the state appears to have been held on a sanad from Hirdeshah of Panna. On the accession of British to paramount power, Raja Mohkamsingh was recognised and confirmed in his territory by a sanad granted in 1807.
BARUNDWA state cover mint

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